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“Thank you for my speedy recovery from my back and neck problems.  I’m no longer on tablets for pain.  I feel alot better in myself, am fitter in my sporting activities and most of all it has taken the worry out of my job.”

“The treatment was very relaxing and the advice given was useful. My skin has definitely been a lot better since the treatment and I recommend the service to colleagues.”

“The treatment received has helped me relax and understand the problems within my body.”

“Emotionally a lot clearer more focused.”

“My tiredness has gone. I’m full of energy. I feel better than I have in years.”

“Feeling less weighed down with work stress.”

“You’re a miracle worker. Five weeks at the doctors did nothing, but you cured my son in just five days. I can’t thank you enough.”

“Very beneficial treatment. It has helped me to cope with myself more positively. I feel reassured and comfortable regarding all aspects of the treatment.”

“Treatment is always effective. Helps keep free of pain.”

“I have found the acupuncture a wonderful aid.”

“I have really valued the treatment and the experience. I feel calmer and more able to take on board the demands of my job. Thanks.”

“My walking has become easier and circulation greatly improved.  My normal healing power has returned and my spondylitis is overcome.  My bladder and kidneys now work normally and I sleep without interruption.”

“Many thanks for such deep relaxation.  I am no longer stressed or anxious and I am sleeping like a log! My Menstrual condition is now more stable than it has been for years.”

“Thanks to your treatment, my asthma is now under control.  My breathing is clear and effortless and I can garden energetically again.”