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What Can Shiatsu Help With?

Shiatsu is a safe and effective treatment that is highly effective for various health issues including, but not limited to:

Calming the Emotions
Circulation Problems
Creating Body Awareness
Headaches & Migraines
Imparts a sense of Well-Being
Improves Digestion
Improves Vitality
Maintains Good Health
Relieves Menstrual Problems
Sports Injuries
Stress & Tension

What Is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a Japanese word that translates as ‘finger pressure’.  It is a healing art with its roots in the East following the same principles as Acupuncture. However, Shiatsu does not use needles.  The Therapist uses techniques involving their fingers, palms, elbows, knees and feet to balance the bodies energies which help to trigger self-healing mechanisms.

The History Of Shiatsu

In China, at around 530BC a system of exercises for health was introduced.  These were known as Tao-Yinn. The system incorporated self-massage and pressure point therapy and soon became an integral part of Chinese Health Practices.

Chinese Medicine was introduced to Japan by the tenth century AD.  Here a combination of Anma (Vibrational Healing, Acupressure and Massage) and Tao-Yinn started to take the shape of present-day Shiatsu.

Shiatsu was recognised as a therapy within itself by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare in the 1950s.  A well-kept secret, Shiatsu did not become widely known in Europe until the 1970s and has been growing in popularity ever since.

What Does A Shiatsu Treatment Involve? 

Treatment is carried out fully clothed as oils are not used.  We recommend you wear comfortable trousers, a warm top and socks.

During a treatment session, gentle manipulation and stretching techniques help stimulate energy movement and promote the relaxation of the muscle.  Varying degrees of pressure are applied to wide areas, or precision points, which may vary according to the body’s needs; ranging between deeply stimulating, or gentle and calming.  Considerable attention is given to the correct positioning of the body and the manipulation of gravity in order to deliver a wide range of encompassing techniques.

Shiatsu is suitable for people with restricted movement since it can be received in a sitting position if preferable.

Length Of Treatment And Cost

Treatment approx 1 hour – £50

Qualified Practitioners

Tony Concannon

B.Soc. Sc., Lic. Ac., MBAc.C.

Registered Member of the British Acupuncture Council.