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Organic Facial

What Can An Organic Facial Be Beneficial For?

An Organic Facial can help with:

Oily or Blemish Prone Skin
Combination Skin
Dry Skin
Mature/Ageing Skin
Temporary Facial Lift
Improve Skin Collagen
Sense of Well Being

What Is An Organic Facial?

An Organic Facial is a treatment that uses the application of Neal’s Yard Remedies organic, natural products to the skin along with massage techniques to improve the condition of the skin.

Neal’s Yard Organic Remedies are chemical and toxin free, they use only the best natural ingredients that are available. The ingredients used in the facial products are organically grown meaning that no pesticides or any other form of chemicals used in the cultivation of the ingredients.  They are also paraben and petro-chemical free using where possible locally sourced ingredients.

How Does An Organic Facial Work?

They work by using the natural healing properties found in the ingredients to help restore and re-balance the skin, giving the skin back what pollution, today’s diet and lifestyle have taken away.  This allows the skin to help heal and re-balance itself, therefore not only keeping your skin healthy but also helping to combat the premature signs of ageing.

The beauty of these products is the simplicity and purity of them, after having a Neal’s Yard Organic Facial your skin will feel truly nourished.

What Does An Organic Facial Involve?

An initial consultation is undertaken to determine your skin type and preparation of appropriate skin products.  You will lay down on a couch and remove some upper garments for a full facial treatment but remain fully covered with towels as a full treatment incorporates a neck and shoulder massage.

A Full Luxury Organic Facial includes a double cleanse, tone, exfoliate, anti-ageing massage, mask, eye serum, spritz and moisturise.

A Mini Organic Facial includes a double cleanse, tone, mask and moisturise.

Length Of Treatment And Cost

Treatment approx 1 hour – £33

Qualified Practitioners

Linda Morgan