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Holistic Facial

What Can A Holistic Facial Be Beneficial For?

A Holistic Facial can help with:

Oily or Blemish Prone Skin
Combination Skin
Dry Skin
Mature/Ageing Skin
Temporary Facial Lift
Improve Skin Collagen
Sense of Well Being

What Is A Holistic Facial?

A Holistic Facial is a treatment that uses the application of fresh natural products to the skin and massage techniques to improve the condition of the skin.

How Does A Holistic Facial Work?

As many skin care products can contain harsh and harmful chemicals Holistic Facial treatments only use natural products that cleanse, exfoliate, nourish and tone the skin.  Products include fresh fruits and natural yoghurt to provide a truly natural facial treatment.  An alternative to fresh products is also available if preferred that contain natural ingredients.

What Does A Holistic Facial Involve?

An initial consultation is undertaken to determine your skin type and preparation of appropriate skin products.  You will lay down on a couch and remove some upper garments for a full facial treatment but remain fully covered with towels as a full treatment incorporates a neck and shoulder massage.

The skin is initially removed of any make-up which is then cleansed and exfoliated.  A nourishing facial mask is applied to the skin and left for 10-15 minutes during which time a relaxing neck and shoulder massage is given.

Length Of Treatment And Cost

Facial approx 1 hour – £33

Qualified Practitioners

Denise Howells

MICHT, VTCT Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy and Holistic Therapies

Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (MFHT)