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Crystal Therapy

What Can Crystal Therapy Be Beneficial For?

Crystal Therapy can be beneficial for many conditions, including:

Digestive Problems
Low Energy

 What is Crystal Therapy?

Crystal Therapy, also known as Crystal Healing, is a form of vibration medicine, involving the application of crystals and gemstones to encourage healing.

Gemstones have spiritual and healing properties that can be tapped into in a variety of ways. Crystals can be carried, worn on the person, or placed in a location where their healing vibrations can be felt by whomever is nearby.

It is thought to have originating in Egypt thousands of years ago.  Some believe it is even older, beginning in the ancient civilization of Atlantis.

How Does Crystal Therapy Work?

Crystals have a perfect hexagonal molecular structure that causes them to vibrate at a constant rate.  This is what makes them such good components in many modern technological items such as watches and computers.  When placed close to specific organs or energy points within the body crystals will activate a vibrational response that initiates the process of balancing and harmonising.

It is thought that specific types of crystal are best able to treat specific organs, or parts of the body.  For example:

Amazonite – used to calm the nervous system and strengthen the heart
Dioptase – used to soothe ulcers and nervous stomach
Fluorite – thought to strengthen teeth and bones
Hematite – activates the spleen and increases resistance to stress
Jade – works on the kidneys and immune system

What Does Crystal Therapy Involve?

An in depth consultation is carried out involving information about your lifestyle and current frame of mind.  This allows the Therapist to gain knowledge of which Crystals are needed to help you effectively.  You will then be asked to lay fully clothed on the treatment couch, while the Therapist places the appropriate Crystals on you, balancing your chakras and aura.

Length and Cost of Treatment

Crystal Therapy approx 1 hour – £33

Qualified Practitioners

Linda Morgan