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What Can Aromatherapy Be Beneficial For?

Aromatherapy has been reported to be beneficial with the following conditions:

Stress Related Disorders
Headaches and Tension
Muscular Aches and Pains
Skin Conditions including Acne
Digestive Problems
Blood Pressure
Bringing about a general feeling of Calmness and Relaxation

What Is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the time honored practice of using essential oils to promote healing and restore the body, mind and spirit to a state of balance and wellbeing.

The word Aromatherapy may be misleading because it suggests that it is a form of healing which works exclusively through our sense of smell and on the emotions.  However, apart from the essential oils’ scent, each one has a unique combination of constituents which interact with the body’s chemistry and in turn affects certain organs or systems as a whole.

How Does Aromatherapy Work?

Essential oils are absorbed into the bloodstream and travel to every cell in the body.  Essential oils can be applied to the body in a number of ways:-

Massage: essential and carrier oils are applied directly to the skin by way of massage.

Inhalation: this is believed to have an immediate effect on the brain, virtually instantaneously releasing desired hormones.

Bathing: oils are applied to warm bathwater to enter the body by both skin penetration and inhalation.

Lotions: essential oils can also be applied to the skin in the form of creams and lotions.

What Does Aromatherapy Treatment Involve?

Essential oils can be applied in a variety of ways, but most commonly directly to the skin by massage.  A specific area of the body causing concern is treated or, if preferred, the whole body can be treated.

Essential and carrier oils are blended for each client’s individual needs depending on the nature of the problem.  They can be combined to treat several conditions at the same time.

If, following a detailed medical history, it is decided that massage would be the most beneficial way of applying the essential oils you will be asked to undress to your underwear, or remove only the clothing you feel comfortable to do so, while the Therapist leaves the room.  Once undressed, you will lie on the treatment couch usually face down to begin with and cover yourself with the towels.  The Therapist will only re-enter the room once you have finished undressing and are covered up.

An Aromatherapy Massage will usually begin with the back and backs of the legs. The towels will be moved to access the areas being worked on at that time and then re-covered. After turning over, the front of both legs, feet, arms and hands are then massaged.

If you do not wish a certain area of the body to be treated, for example the legs, these will be avoided at your request and more time will be spent on the other areas of the body you are comfortable to have treated.

Length Of Treatment And Cost

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage approx 30 minutes – £22
1 Hour Full Body Massage approx 1 hour – £33
1.5 Hours Full Body Massage approx 1 hour 30 minutes – £44

Qualified Practitioners


Denise Howells

MICHT, VTCT Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy and Holistic Therapies

Member of Federation of Holistic Therapists (MFHT)


Linda Morgan